We welcome our newest Advisory Board Member, Talia Palamathanan. Here is her Introduction blurb.

It was a poignant day when I was asked to join the TIRED Movement and become an Ambassador on the Advisory Board – supporting and fighting for the improvement of racial equality in dance and musical theatre.

The point is we are tired! Being outspoken about race is a risk so we keep our thoughts to ourselves and nothing moves on. This is not an attack on our counterparts this is wanting movement for ourselves and the next generation.

Yes, there has been significant change but we want to ensure this keeps moving in the right direction.

I have always been passionate and outspoken about my place as a South Asian artist, as well as trying to advocate for better representation for us all. The truth is how often do you see South Asian performers on stage, in pantos, at dance schools and colleges, or as dancers?

The fight for racial equity is one that affects everyone regardless of what you look like, and also helps improve the lives of other marginalised groups of women, LGBTQ+ and disabled artists.

I am thrilled to finally start helping push for real change. Not just in shows and in our colleges, but making an impact where it really matters for children from low income and global majority backgrounds. In a space where the performing arts can ignite passion and aspiration, I hope that this movement educates the industry about the importance of representation and diversity in dance.

Currently what we are seeing is an improvement of diversity on the stage. But it is the decision makers that sit on the panel, and the producers that need to address performative inclusivity.

Let’s give everyone a chance to feel seen, heard and represented! There is room for ALL of us!

It was the dream of my dear friend Miles to be an ambassador too – and he was on this journey until he sadly passed away recently . Miles was a passionate advocate for the TIRED Movement and had so many plans for improving racial and LGBTQ+ equality. He was an inspiration – driven, unapologetic and always his authentic self, whilst displaying the upmost kindness and thoughtfulness in everything he did. This is for you Miles

In his name I hope to embody that quality when trying to evoke change.

Is it a risk being outspoken?

I support the TIRED Movement, do you?

Weʼre raising £5,000 to help towards our campaign to improve racial equity, representation and inclusion in dance education!