Who We are

“The more voices we hear, the louder we become”

Our mission is to unite the dance community with a seamless line of communication that both educates and motivates teachers of our future generation.  Creating a movement that is inclusive, informative and provides a safe space for honest conversations along with inciting regular observations of the appropriate delivery of inclusive dance education.

This movement aims to remove the fear of discussing racism amongst peers and colleagues and to ensure that good practices within the dance industry are adhered to.  It is an opportunity to share best practice and work as a collective to improve racial equality and representation in the dance industry.  We want to develop a continuum of conversation between academic schools, the private dance sector, vocational training and through into the industry. To promote the importance of appropriate teaching methods and language, along with the understanding of what it means to not only be diverse, but inclusive.  The TIRED Movement encourages teachers of the next generation to pay respect to the pioneers and celebrate the origins of dance that were influenced by black culture.

Meet the Founders

Laura Grant & Stacey Green

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Weʼre raising £5,000 to help towards our campaign to improve racial equity, representation and inclusion in dance education!