We are so thrilled to be partnering with the amazing Leap of Dance Academy at this years’ Move It 2022 and cannot wait to collaborate with them.

Daniel Ajala started dancing in 2009 while in university where his passion for dance grew as he started to research and self-train. After graduating university Ajala stayed in his hometown to pursue teaching the local kids in his area regardless of cultural expectations to pursue a traditional career. “Dance is the thing that gives me the greatest joy, and it is my greatest pursuit in life, ballet is the core of my whole entire being” – Daniel

In 2014 Daniel opened the Leap of Dance Academy, with the goal of training students in the art of ballet at a professional level. Students at the Academy train with integrity and dedication to the arts, and they have an incredible drive to work to be the best version of themselves. Our students have an incredible passion for dancing, and they do not let any circumstances set them back from their education.

“Art is here to stay “ No one in Nigeria wakes up and says oh I want to be a dancer because it is not spread throughout Nigeria as a prosperous career and route to live one’s life. However, we want to change the culture of ballet here and prove that there are many opportunities within the dance world for Nigerian kids.